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Core Gliding Discs - (2 Pieces)

  • BRAND NEW DESIGN - Using our experience and passion for fitness, we've created an answer to common shortfalls of other core sliders. Built with a naturally curved design, our pads are incredible at keeping your foot secure and offering a superior "gliding" experience!
  • MORE FLOORS - Though we're fantastic on carpet of any length, our removable cotton elastic cover allows for core, upper body, and ab work on polished concrete, timber, tile, and more.
  • THE BODYWEIGHT EXPERIENCE - Often times, one's bodyweight is all that's necessary for a stellar workout. These sliders allow for an amazing variety of workouts that will target your entire body!
  • AT HOME OR WHEREVER YOU GO - Best of all, this is a fantastic tool for the fitness nut on the go! Small and lightweight, these gliders fit into any travel bag, making them the ideal choice to make sure you're staying healthy even on that family vacation.
  • GUARANTEED - As with all Healthy Model Life products, our core sliders come with a full ONE YEAR GUARANTEE. If our product doesn't meet your expectations, just send it back our way for a full refund!


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